The History

The Beginning

We started with an empty bank building, complete with a very cool empty vault. 

A fishing and gift store seemed exactly the store Kingston needed to fill this space along Highway 104, 

so close to so many excellent waters for fishing, crabbing, shellfish. 

Fishing, Crabbing, Boating, Camping, Outdoor

Toni and Andy are lifelong fisherman with extensive knowledge of local waters.  All our staff have knowledge of fishing and boating. Our customers appreciate this professional and courteous service.

Gifts, Souvenirs, Toys, Books, Beer/Wine, Farm Foods

Everyone needs Retail Therapy now and then.  

We are one of just a few retail stores so we maximize our selection of inventory, rotating it over the seasons to make sure there is always something to catch your eye and commit your pocketbook. 

We so appreciate our customers supporting small business at a time when retail stores are disappearing. We are here for YOU!